Version 0.65 : Jun. 17, 1999

The version of Sherlock that ships with Mac OS 8.6 now inserts a default ad into plug-ins that don't have ads. We now insert 'bannerLink=""' after '<search' to force a non-existent URL as the ad banner. This seems to do the job.

So it should now work with Sherlock in Mac OS 8.6.

Version 0.6 : Dec. 13, 1998

First (and probably last) public source code release.

Version 0.55 : Nov. 28, 1998

Added option to revert plug-ins to the version on the web, which gives an easy way to get banners back if you miss them.

Now strips "bannerImage" tag.

No longer asks to save window before quitting.

Version 0.5a : Oct. 26, 1998

First release. Simple functional alpha.


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