Autothenticate Version History

Version 1.1.5: May 25, 1999

Fixed a problem with the registration dialogue box interfering with automatic logins to sites with long user names and passwords. This only affected the unregistered version.

Version 1.1.4: Apr. 3, 1999

Fixed a rare crash when the "bad password" dialog appeared with EvenBetterBusError installed.

Version 1.1.3: Mar. 13, 1999

Fixed a very rare crash when forgetting a memorized site with EvenBetterBusError installed. This bug was caused by a benign null dereference (benign in that it tried to read from a null dereference, but did not write to it).

Version 1.1.2: Dec. 19, 1997

Fixed a bug which causes Netscape Calendar to crash in some instances when Autothenticate is installed.

This version introduced a complete rewrite of a significant portion of Autothenticate's internals. (Technical details: Autothenticate now installs a GetNextEvent filter rather than patching the GetNextEvent trap.)

Users who do not use Netscape Calendar who have not experienced problems with Autothenticate have no need to upgrade, although they may choose to do so if they wish.

Version 1.11: Oct. 12, 1997

When Netscape released the 4.0 version of their browser, they added a bunch of additional functionality, and renamed the product Communicator. They later released Netscape Navigator 4.0, which includes only the browser.

This version of Autothenticate now correctly supports the standalone version of Netscape Navigator 4.0, as well as Communicator.

It also now supports both the PowerPC version and the 68K version. Version 1.1 did not work with Netscape Navigator 4.0 (neither the PowerPC or the 68K version), and produced incorrect results with the 68K version of Communicator.

Autothenticate now more gracefully handles corruption to the Autothenticate Preferences file.

Version 1.1: Oct. 5, 1997

This upgrade is free for all registered users. Note that registered users will need to repeat the procedure to disable the annoying shareware dialog box. If you are a registered user of Autothenticate, but cannot find the e-mail documenting this procedure, e-mail and ask for it to be resent.

This version includes the following changes:

Fixed problem with deactivated frontmost windows in registered version after autothentication in Netscape 3.0.

Fixed some dialogs that did not display correctly on systems without Aaron.

Added support for Netscape Communicator 4.0.

Added features that prevent registered users from having to repeat the shareware dialog elimination procedure for future updates beyond 1.1.

Version 1.0: Mar. 18, 1997

Initial release.


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