HTML Colors Version History

Version 1.1: December 23, 1997

Added "Make Safe" option, which limits colors to the 216 "safe" colors (that is, the colors in the standard 256-color palette on both MacOS and Windows, which can be displayed without dithering).

This upgrade is free for all registered users of HTML Colors.

Version 1.02: June 29, 1997

Correctly parses ALINK tag in capital letters (like <BODY ALINK="#FFFFFF">)

Ignores unknown modifiers in BODY tag (like BACKGROUND="xxx.gif") and continues parsing other tags. This means that <BODY BACKGROUND="xxx.gif" LINK="#FFFFFF"> will now get the link color

Now Built with CodeWarrior Professional. As a side effect, color swatches are now dimmed when not in the active window.

Version 1.01: June 5, 1997

Fixed problem with parses HTML with capital letters (like <BODY LINK="#FFFFFF">).

Version 1.0: May 20, 1997

Initial release.


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