April 27, 2002 Jane died peacefully at the vet's office after kidney failure. She was seven years old. To mourn her, I've made this page black. To commemorate her, I've otherwise left it as is.

A Long Thin Cat

I have a cat named Jane.

Click here to hear Jane meow (.wav format: 68K).
(Jane looks out the window)

She's about a year old, a shorthair. A mutt I got from the pound in Santa Clara. You can tell that she's a female because she has three distinct colours on her. This also makes her a Calico, but I suspect she has some tabby in her too, as you may be able to tell by the markings on her head and front-right leg.

She's a loner cat, quite rambunctious, and perhaps a little bit stupid. She eats and drinks very little, and virtually refuses to drink water from her dish. However, she loves to drink out of the bathroom, and zips into the bathroom when she hears the water running so she can drink from the faucet. She also likes to lick my wet legs when I'm done a shower. Weird.

Has Jane ever jumped off the balcony?

Jane doesn't like to be held for more than about ten seconds. She's very squirmy, and likes to run away from me for no reason. Sometimes, she will fetch her sponge ball and bring it back to me -- at least partway.

Sometimes she'll "hide" behind the couch and jump out at me and tag my leg with her front paws. Sometimes she'll run back and forth around the apartment for what seems to me to be no reason.

And of course, she likes to catch and eat flies. Yechh.

(Jane drinks water)

Jane's Nicknames

Here's a partial list of names I sometimes use:

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