(Updated Dec. 1, 2002)

Some People I Know with Web Sites

It seems that almost everyone in this list hasn't touched their web sites for many months.


Macintosh tricks, tips, and rumours. New content added daily by Ric Ford, long-time MacWeek contributor. Excellent; worth checking daily.
Launching pad for all sorts of Macintosh resources. Current Macintosh news, updated several times a day!
MacOS Rumors
Often laughably inaccurate, and outrageous, but a good read nonetheless.
Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple. You know, Macintosh. The original consumer GUI. I'm an Apple sympathizer. The site used to be really bad. It's now pretty good. Configure a Mac online, and buy it.


The Economist
British newsweekly with economical internationist slant.
FAIR: Rush Limbaugh Debates Reality
FAIR is a media watchdog group. This particular piece is a collection of Rush Limbaugh's misstatements along with countering arguments. An excellent work for those who appreciate critical thinking. Also features a rebuttal by Mr. Limbaugh, and a rebuttal to the rebuttal. Intended to be a serious critical analysis. Sometimes pedantic, often spot-on. Incidentally hilarious.
Noam Chomsky Archives
Noam Chomsky started his academic career as a linguist, and has since become more of a political activist. He has an unusual liberal libertarian political slant. The movie Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media is one of my favourites, but is difficult to find. It is available at Amazon.com.


Chicago Tribune Eulogy for Gene Siskel
The world lost Gene Siskel on February 20, 1999. He will be greatly missed.
Siskel & Ebert
The official site for the TV show, featuring Shockwave audio recordings of their reviews off the show. If you miss the show, go here for a summary -- or to hear the real thing (if you don't mind downloading Shockwave).
Roger Ebert's Movie Reviews
Ebert's written reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times featured on the Sun-Times' web site.
Internet Movie Database
Huge amount of movie and television show information, including cast, crew, rating, business, reviews, plot summaries and more. Now owned by Amazon.com.

Humourous Sites

Bob the Angry Flower
A site with many interesting and clever cartoons, apparently done by an amateur. Strange, outrageous, interesting, bizarre, fun. Well worth checking out. Some strips also feature a foetus as a principal character, somehow drawn to appear cute. This feat alone warrants further examination.
The Onion
Online satirical newspaper. New content appears weekly. Laugh-out loud funny. Strongly recommended. You will laugh.
Features archive of Dilbert comics.

Some Other, Kind of Boring Sites, Listed for Completeness' Sake

Prince George, British Columbia
The city I was born and lived in until age seven.
Simon Fraser University
My undergraduate institution. I'm sure it's very interesting, as far as university sites go. No. Really.
UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Another university site!
Health Hero Network
Where I currently work.

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